Cardamom Banana Muffins--4/1/18

Homemade Gourmet Muffins!

For this weekend's rendition of Pappy's famous vegan muffins, he looked around, thought a bit, and created cardamom banana muffins.  They were so amazing!


As he always does, he uses this recipe as a foundation:


Vegan Muffin Recipe


This time, instead of buckwheat flour, he used spelt and oat flour (still included the oats).


Pappy added a half a cup of pumpkin seeds to the dry ingredient mix.  He also added 2 tbsps of crushed cardamom to the dry ingredient mix, as he knew cardimom goes well with sweets from having eaten tasty Indian deserts.  Instead of blueberries, he sliced one large banana (or 2 small), added them to the wet ingredient list, and then blended the wet ingredient list.  He then followed the recipe to combine the wet and dry mixes and then baked.  Amazing!




  • Pappy Salad--3/21/18

    Snow on the first day of spring. No problem. Pappy made this vibrant salad to go with our Irish Stew and Colcannon Mash.

  • Irish Stew With Mash

    In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we made this Irish Stew with Potato Mash.
    Recipe courtesy of the Happy Pear Guys. (see below) Call us weird, but we prefer a hearty vegan stew to beer for St. Patrick's Day.

Tamatar Chana Dal

Shakespeare Does Indian!

Tamatar Chana Dal Recipe

Vegan Oatmeal Carob Chip Cookies

Saturday Baking

Miss Debbie doesn't like how thick Pappy makes his cookies, so she made a more traditional thin cookie today.  It's obvious who is in charge in this household!


Vegan Oat Chip Cookie Recipe


We used carob chips instead of chocolate chips, and we use Monk Fruit as the sweetener (and halved the sweetener) to lower the glycemic fat building impact.


They were delicious!


Vegan Red Lentil Stew (3/2/18)

Smokey Red Lentil Stew

So, we had an icy and windy N'oreaster yesterday!  This red lentil stew really hit the spot, and warmed our bones!  


Red Lentil Stew Recipe


If you have never cooked with smoked paprika, please do.  It is amazing!  It is great for vegans like me, or anyone who loves meat, who is trying to cut down on meat, as the smoked flavor reminds the palate of the days of care free carnavorism.  We are currently planning our menu for the week as we prepare to go to the store.  Looks like roasted red pepper spelt pasta and/or zucchini pasta with a bolognese sauce, made with beans instead of meat.  Come on over for dinner!

Butternut Squash Barley Sage Risotto With Garlicky Greens

Shakespeare is Hyped!



We left out the cheese to keep it vegan (highly recommended), and we sauteed kale and spinach in olive oil with sliced garlic (and added to the risotto), to make sure we had greens with our meal.  We also adapted the buckweat blueberry muffin recipe (see below), by using amaranth and spelt flour, to have for desert.


If you are not used to vegan food, without the cheese, this will be an earthier blend than you will be used to with risotto--but you will feel much better, and more balanced after eating.  Give it a shot!

Moroccan Vegan Tangine (2/21/18)

Today we are making vegan Moroccan Tangine. Watch this video from the Happy Pear brothers for the how to! Pappy has just made corn muffins by altering the buckwheat blueberry muffin recipe if you scroll down (he exchanged spelt and amaranth flower for buckwheat, and added corn kernels).

Milk Carton Kids

Watch the Milk Carton Kids (bluegrass/folk) while cooking. It somehow just works.

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Delicious Black Bean Soup

Vegan Black Bean Soup Recipe


We added roasted butternut squash and sweet potatoes for extra chunkiliciousness, and we garnished with fresh tomotoes, avocado, lime, and cilantro.

  • Pappy Dipped the Batter (2/10/18)

    Pappy made savory pumpkin bread (recipe below) to pair with Ma's tomatoe barley soup.  The recipe is for sweet potatoe bread, but we had pumpkin puree so he used that instead.

  • Get that Batter Pappy!

    Our friends Han and Leia are coming over for dinner.  They aren't vegan, but they are used to healthful food.  It is a good idea to prepare vegan foods that approximate foods folks are used to.  Pappy made the recipe below savory and low-glycemic (to avoid fat and cholesterol build up) by halving the sweetener, and by adding salted pumkins seeds.  So it became a bread to accompany soup, sort of like a corn bread for dinner.

Sweet Potatoe Bread/Pumkin Bread and Tomatoe Barley Soup Recipes

Pappy Presents Finished Bread

Tomatoe Soup Recipe (We boil barley seperately and add to soup to make it more hearty and give it more protein.)


Sweet Potateo Bread Recipe



Ragout Pot on Friday, Showing Family Motto: "Eat it to Completion"

Living Vegan Can Be The Most Affordable Way to Live

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There is no video clip yet

Yellow Vegan Split Pea Soup Recipe


Miss Debbie Riffed on the menu by adding parsnips, butternut squash, potatoes, spinach, and other vege goodies!

Several Videos on Cooking Yummy Vegan Soups from the Guys at the Happy Pear

Pappy Makes Vegan Buckwheat Blueberry Muffins Part 1

Pappy Makes Vegan Buckwheat Blueberry Muffins II

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