Pappy Inside the Tiny House

Pappy Stains Home Made Wooden Tiny House Chairs

Our Friend Dean Whitmore of Forget Me Not Farm in Candor, NY, has done an artful job building out our Tiny House interior. Pappy is doing some staining to help prepare for the move in.

Simple Living--Developing Rituals to Slow Down in Life

Power Oatmeal

Miss Debbie made this power oatmeal for breakfast this morning. (Yes, there is oatmeal under there!).  She purposely made steel cut oatmeal, as it took one hour to cook.  She got frustrated in waiting, but she wanted to be purposeful in developing rituals to help her slow down (the idea came from our meditation teacher Kerry and his partner Gauri).  As you can see, Miss Debbie adds lots of fruit for nutrients, includes no sugar, and adds chia seeds for vegan protein to help with her cross fit training.

Beautiful Tiny House Door Crafted by Our Friend Dean

Pappy Shows The Lot Where The Tiny House Will Be

Pappy shows the lot where the Tiny House will be on our friend's farm in upstate New York. Pappy also explains how sheep will be involved! Pappy was 25 pounds heavier then, before he did research to determine that he has syndrome X, and that he needed to cut down on fruits and other sugars.

Tiny House Loft and Walkway, and Friend Dean

Our Tiny House In Up-State New York

Pappy and Mis Debbie's Tiny House Kitchenette

The Porch of our Tiny House. The torch lifts up for travel, and the tiny house is on a trailer.