Pappy and Miss Debbie try to live lives of spirituality based on love and compassion, believe in the empowerment of healthy eating and living, and feel called to simplicty as a means of greater satisfaction and responsibility toward the world.  Pappy and Miss Debbie are Christians who have also been influenced by Buddhism, and who have a profound respect for all religious traditions teaching love.


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Pappy M. Sanchez

Pappy M. Sanchez grew up in the Nevada Carson Valley on his family's cattle ranch.  Like most Americans, his DNA is a mix of the various ethnic influences which have made up the nation.  Pappy is proud to trace his surname back to Mexican landowner/ranchers in California before it became an American state.


Pappy went to Stanford, and then to Yale Divinity School and Harvard Law School.  After Harvard, he worked for several years on an organic farm in Kentucky, where he met the love of his life, Miss Debbie.  Pappy is an ordained minister of the Longmire Church and, over the years, he has pastored in rural america, worked in urban education and community organizing, and sat with dying folks in Hospice Care.

Miss Debbie

Miss Debbie is contemplating what she should share. You will find out more about her story as time goes on.  Dealing with Pappy is enough for now, and uses all her energy.  If you want to know more about their coupling, she encourages you to study Randall and Beth in the TV show "This is Us."