A Waka (Japanese Poetic Form) [2002]

Photo by John Tann, https://www.flickr.com/photos/31031835@N08/

Mosquitoes biting

Birds sing in late summer dusk

Pain and pleasure kiss

The park widens our margins

Sitting with bugs on our skin

Photo by Thoroughly Reviewed, https://thoroughlyreviewed.com

Little Boys (2/15/18)


Assult weapons. . .children. . .families

Always men.  Always men.

Hating others as they hate themselves.

Have they seen many personalities too?

Neither restrained by custom or loved as they are.

Scared little boys.

Picking on others.

Perfection (6/21/01)


No right to expect anything from anybody.

Everything given is perfect.

Dizziness (2/8/18)


Every one second ahead of you is darkness

Romantic notions are a viper's den

Spring will soon be here, or so we think

Will this dizziness be the death of me?



Photo by Aimee Craze




Solitary Confinement.

Total isolation, total darkness.

The portal is cracked open, a slight ray of light shines through.

Oh, sadistic warden.

Curse you for dangling hope before me.

Playing me for an ass, you move the carrot just as I attempt to grasp.


Rather total darkness, than this insidious ray of hope.

One damn ray will not allow me to again be warmed by the sun.

I languish in my cell as my appeal rests before the High Court.

The Judge appears indifferent as I dine on a roach for my sustanence.

Is it indiffierence, or is His Justice somehow embodied in my scurrying dinner?


As I crunch upon this morsal, 

His Justice flows into my dental interstices as a holandaise sauce.

Is his Honour at play, infusing His Existence willy-nilly into randomness?

Perhaps, yet I thank Him for His Benevolence as I eat my multi-legged meal.

Am I insane?

Probably craziness caused by darkness.

Yes I am grateful for these guts in my throat even as I know kings are feasting.


Perhaps the ray of light is not so invidious.

It is warmer to me than the sun is to kings.

I have no form or comeliness that men should look at me.

Yet if one man would look, I would perceive in that glimpse the beauty of the universe.


Yes, this simple ray is a blessing, not a curse.

For one taste of the triple Sun upon my tongue is ample sustenance to burn fire in my bones for eternity.